Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some John Denver & ponderings

Something in the city that he said he couldn't breathe
Something in the country that he said he couldn't leave

from Wild Montana Skies, by John Denver

The thing about living in the city, is there are always people around. And I mean always. Even when I'm in my house, which I thankfully share with no one, I hear people. My neighbors coming in and out, people talking on the sidewalk outside, cars going past.

We went to Huntley Meadows park on Sunday morning. It's a fairly large park with a wide variety of trails. We every 5 minutes we passed people.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of humans. And it really gets exhausting for me when there's no escape, especially in a place like DC (the humans here are a particularly smarmy breed). So, I look at the properties below and picture myself walking around naked on my lawn in the rain, or holing up in a blizzard and not seeing anyone for days, not even hearing a car drive up the road.

Now that's what I call life!

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Anonymous said...

You always did like runnin' around nekked!