Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Well Soon

We'll see you in 2009

For those unfamiliar with the genius above, perhaps this will ring a bell*?

Can't stop now! This is why he's the best:

Header Picture Change

That's right! Sugaring season is nigh.

Sugar on Snow

Vermont maple syrup
Snow (watch out where the doggies go; don't you eat that yellow snow)
Pickles or donuts

How to
Boil syrup to about 255 degrees Fahrenheit
Put your non-yellow snow in a big bowl
Drizzle hot syrup over snow

Eat the sticky top layer and chase with a pickle (yes, I said pickle) or donut.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The States

We were watching the episode of the History Channel's series, The States, this weekend. Each state has a celebrity spokesperson to sort of narrate the segment. Ann Curry (NBC) for Oregon, Neil Patrick Harris for New Mexico, etc. We were all jazzed to see who would be featured in the Vermont segment. I quickly Googled famous Vemonters (besides Cupcake) and discovered most of them are from days of yore.

However, we do have the members of Phish (are they actual natives, or flatlanders that came to VT later?) and sportscaster Ken Squier. Another option was Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, but they are most definitely not natives.

So, who did they have? Some chick who won some snow boarding thing. Like, whatevs. I am anti-snowboard in a big way. I think they ruin the alpine experience for us skiers. I plan to ski Mad River Glen as much as possible when I move. The one thing this chick had, though, was a fair-to-middling VT accent. But she was dumb as a box of rocks, not exactly representative of the intellectual achievments of the state. Oh, if we could only bring back Silent Cal for documentary commentary.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pass it on...

Let your friends and families know about this site. I think it would be cool to see more pictures returned to their owners!

Hhmmm...maybe it's a good thing

I get job listings from Monster every day. For the last month or two, there have been no Vermont jobs coming in my inbox. Is it really that lean up there now? I used to get 4-5 a day. Maybe winter is a bad time?

Friday, February 1, 2008

We Need to Talk

So, the goal was Vermont by Christmas '08. Was the goal.

I probably shouldn't have, but I took a peek at yesterday, and the news was grim. $160k to $180k for condos in my complex, not to mention the fact that there are 81 condos for sale right now in my zip code.

Things need to be pushed back, see. Let's say Christmas '09. It's a depressing thought to be around here for an extra year, but my assumption is I will be going to VT by myself, which means I will need more $$ out of my condo to buy a decent place up there. If I knew for a fact that I would not be going it alone, then maybe I could still go full steam ahead, but the best thing is to always plan life based on 1 income.

So, my friends, I will continue to plug away, but at a more stately pace. Which is probably a good thing....I tend to the stately...err....snail-like in life anyways.